2014 Christmas Encyclical from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Icon of Nativity of Christ


By the grace of God, Archbishop of Australia,

To all the Reverend Clergy and devout faithful of our Holy Archdiocese.

Dearest brothers and sisters, and beloved children in the Lord;

All of Christendom is preparing this year, once again, to celebrate Christmas, within a world that is troubled, frantic and contradictory.

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Some Orthodox Christmas Carols from the time of Byzantium

The following are Christmas carols which are sung or chanted throughout the Orthodox Christian world in a variety of languages and musical styles. As one may note, Orthodox Christmas carols tend to have a deep explanation of theological teaching or re-tell in musical form the stories surrounding the Nativity of Or Lord Jesus Christ, or of the various other days of Christmas (known in Orthodoxy as “Dodecaimeron” – that is the Feast of the 12 Days of the Nativity). Thus there are carols for the Feast of the Epiphany which mark Christ’s baptism in the Jordan River and the beginning of His ministry. In this liturgical arrangement of the feastdays beginning with the Nativity on 25th December and ending with the Epiphany, the Church links the reason and purpose of the Incarnation with Christ’s ministry of salvation. Anyway enjoy the small selection.

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The British Judiciary has removed a person’s right to Conscience

Logically challenged

Catholic midwives must supervise abortions, Supreme Court decides

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The Pope between truth and diplomacy

Pope Francis is not what he seems to be

By Manlio Dinucci

Voltaire Network | Rome (Italy) | 6 December 2014

The Pope’s statements in Turkey shocked Syrian refugees. Indeed, the head of the Catholic Church thanked Ankara for its assistance without referring to the context. The flight of the Syrian population was in fact caused by the military support provided to the jihadists, including by Turkey. In addition, the situation of refugees may turn to disaster after international food assistance as halted on 1 December. The UN thereby intends to punish the refugees, who, since the Syrian presidential election in June, have proven that far from being opposed to the Syrian Arab Republic they are overwhelmingly in favor.

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Taybeh brewery

By Aya Lowe

In a land where neither business nor booze is known to prosper, one enterprising Palestinian turns hops and locally grown grapes into both profit and pride.

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VANISHING CYPRUS: “Turkey’s New Face”

Erdogan inspects troops in Northern Cyprus visit 2014

By Andreas C Chrysafis

September, 2014 (No59) ©

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The Grapes of Taybeh: A Winery in the West bank

Welcome to Taybeh

Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D.

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Neuroscientist warns young brains being re-wired by digital technology

The Unknown Effects of Online technology upon child neurology

The use of digital technologies is reshaping human brains and the impact on young people must be considered by their parents and educators, a neuroscientist warns.

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